Welcome to Camaleó, your professional photo and video studio that offers customized services.

A 500m2 space in the center of Barcelona designed to easily adapt to the needs of your project.

As a good Chamaleon, we are a versatile and proposeful studio. See the services we offer below.


  • studio session or outdoor session
  • profoto, bowens, leds
  • Canon camara and lenses
  • micros, accessories
  • props
  • lighting technician
  • casting access control
  • catering
  • assistant
  • make-up
  • ecommerce / fashion
  • events / advertising
  • portrait / product
  • post production / 3D
  • videos
  • your own workspace
  • office and meeting room
  • terrace 100m2
  • set rental discounts
  • equipment rental discounts