Buena foto destacada por parte del equipo de buenafoto. Gracias.
Con Ricardo Barbeito Martinez
En Camaleo coworking fotografia
Fotografía: Pep Valls

” La juventud no es una época de la vida, sino un estado de la mente. Es un ejemplo de la voluntad, una actualidad de la imaginación, un vigor de las emociones, un predominio del valor y la decisión sobre la timidez, es el impulso de la aventura. El hombre envejece únicamente cuando deserta de sus ideales. Los años arrugan la piel, pero la falta de entusiasmo arruga el alma “

Studio 2 rates (Lighting equipment included)

2h 50€
3h   70€ 
4h 85€
5h 100€
6h 115€
7h 130€
8h 140€
A partir de 8ª h 10€/h
Pack 10h * 200€ (20€/h)
Pack 20h ** 360€ (18€/h)

* Minimum session 2 h / Expires in 1 year 

* *Minimum session 2 h / Packs just set 2

Same Price for week-ends and night time

coworkers / subscribers  (50% off) Lighting equipment included

2h 25€
3h 35€
4h 42,5€
5h 50€
6h 57,5€
7h 65€
8h 70€
A partir de 8ª h 5€/h
Pack 10h * 120€ (12€/h)
Pack 20h ** 220€ (11€/h)

* Minimum session 2 h / Expires in 1 year 

* *Minimum session 2 h / Packs just set 2

Same Price for week-ends and night time

Photo shoots, video (if you need a good acoustic, Studio 1 better), castings, workshops...


  • 50 m2 room, ceiling 3,5m high, camara angle 8m. Cyclorama and white ceilings.
  • In Winter, daylight is better from 13h to 16h, in summer from 12h to 18h (usually supported by artificial light)
  • If sunlight is not needed, there are blinds.
  • Joined 40m2 space with kitchen, make up room, office and rest area.
  • Air conditioned, wifi.
  • 1 rts floor, access by stairs


  • 4 Bowen flashes, accessories (softbox window, octagonal, beauty, zeferino, fresnel lense, porexpan, tripods
  • For video: 2 LED display + 2 Led spotlight. Blue, orange and coloured gelatins.
  • Black, red and grey fabric. Photography backdrop paper, 2,75m. Still live table with methacrylate
  • Rates include the use of the material. Dirtied or trodden paper has a cost of 10€/m


  • Hours are counted from the beginning of the make-up session until the material is collected at the end of the sessions. Leaving the studio in the condition it was found in.
  • Use the provided plastic slippers to keep the floor as clean as possible. We paint the floor once a week.
  • We assume that users know how to use the material, if not we have an assistant who can help you with flashes or lighting ( ask for quote)
  • Keep medium volume.
  • Cancellations within 48h notice will be charged 50% of the price.


  • On monday a 10% discount will be made on both sets.
  • From 3 days (ask for a quote)
  • Packs on set 2.

If there is no availability check Studio 1, or contact us, we will try to relocate you depending on your needs 



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