Hire a fully equipped photographic studio in the center of Barcelona.

For professional photographers & video makers, lighting equipment included, soundproof.

You can hire a lighting technician, an assistant or additional services.

We rent additional audiovisual material for your studio or outdoor sessions.


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cyclorama studio rates (Lighting equipment included)

2h 70€
3h 100€
4h 125€
5h 150€
6h 175€
7h 200€
8h 225€
From 8th h 22€/h
Book out 24h 330€

Minimum session 2 h

  • same price for week-ends and night time
  • VAT not included
  • set 3: packs availables

  • Photo shoots, video with audio,chroma key castings, workshops...




  • 80m2, camera angle 12m.
  • White cyclorama 6 m width, high ceiling.
  • Guide with Chroma key fabric, round corner L shape (9+6 meters).
  • Guide with Black molton fabricround corner L shape (9+6 meters).
  • Soudproof.
  • Air conditioned / heated.
  • Make-up room.
  • Annex 40m2 office/ rest area.
  • 1 Gb symmetrical wifi + ethernet.
  • Ground floor.
  • Access by car to our studio: a bollard on Lluís el Piadós Street limits the access to the neighbourhood from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  You can enter whithin the other hours of the day.  The access is closed on Sundays and holidays. 




  • Photo: 2 flashes Profoto 2 D2 500.
  • For video: 2 LED display Nanguan SA1200, 2 led Nanlite FS300 spotlight (bowens mount: "softbox", fresnel,  beauty). We have more lighting material with little extra cost, see further on or  + info check available leds / find*VIDEO*.
  • Taking photos + video in the same shooting, if you require leds + flashes, a small extra cost is charged.
  • Accessories (softbox windows different sizes, octagonal, beauty, fresnel...) porexpan, zeferino, tripods...
  • Camera tripod.
  • Different colours backdrop paper 2,75m width (Dirtied or trodden paper has a cost of 10€/m).
  • If you need any other accessory check out renting material  check +info. about renting material.




  • Extra Led display Nanguang SA1200: 15€ per day / 10€ half day.
  • Extra Led Nanlite FS300 extra: 15€ per day / 10€ half day.
  • Led Nanlite Forza 60 con lente proyectora: 15€ per day / 10€ half day. 
  • Led RGB Sokani X50, light with color: 10€ per day / 5€ half day.
  • Extra flash Profoto 15€ per day / 10€ half day.
  • Nanlite pavotube 30C RGB+W 120 cm: 10€ / unit.
  • Camera, sound and others check +info. about renting material.




  • Once the reservation is made, we block the requested set for you. Therefore, we kindly ask you to arrive on time and plan everything you need to do for your session in the reserved time: from the makeup and the setting up of the set, to the final collection of the material.
  • If after your reservation the set has not been booked, you can extend your session at an extra cost. However, if you finish earlier than planned, the price of the entire reservation will be charged, since this space has been booked specially for you.
  • We provide booties at the entrance of each set, please wear them in order keep the floor as clean as possible.
  • We would appreciate to keep a moderate volume level during the session.
  • For cancellations less than 48 hours in advance, 50% of the reservation price will be charged.
  • We trust that the user knows how to use the material we provide for the session. If necessary, we have on-set assistance service, lighting technician, etc. check + info about our services.




  • From 3 days (ask for a quote).
  • Packs on set 3.


If there is no availability check Studio 2 or 3, or contact us, we will try to relocate you depending on your needs.


Reservations are made on real time. If there is no disponibility please see other sets or ask us.

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