2 independent Set 50m2+50m2

+Annex space with kitchen, makeup room, WC

+100m2 terraze in the upper floor

You can hire lighting technician, assistant or additional services

We rent additional material for your studio sessions and lighting material for your outdoor sessions.

Check availability

Studio 2+3 rates (Lighting equipment included)

2h 80€
3h   112€ 
4h 144€
5h 168€
6h 192€
7h 216€
8h 240€
From 8th h 16€/h
Book out 24h 360€

* Minimum session 2 h

Same Price for week-ends and night time

coworkers (50% off) Lighting equipment included

2h 40€
3h 56€
4h 72€
5h 84€
6h 96€
7h 108€
8h 120€
From 8th h 8€/h
Book out 24h 180€

* Minimum session 2 h

Same Price for week-ends and night time

Photo shoots, video, castings, workshops...


  • 2 sets 50 m2 each, camera angle 8m.

  • 2 white curved cyclorama 5m width.

  • Set 2 daylight / Set 3 has windows but poor daylight.

  • In winter, daylight is better from 13 to 16h, in summer from 12h to 18h.

  • Joined 40 m2 space with kitchen, makeup room, office and rest area.

  • 100 m2 terrace in upper floor

  • Air conditioned / heated.

  • 1rts floor, access by stairs.


  • Photo: 6 flashes Bowens esperit 500 or 4 flashes Profoto.

  • For video: 8 LED display. We have  LED display and led spotlight (softbox windows) + info

  • Accessories (softbox windows different sizes, octagonal, beauty...) porexpan, “zeferino”, tripods...

  • Camera tripod.

  • Different colour backdrop paper 2,75m width (Dirtied or trodden paper has a cost of 10€/m).

  • If you need more things we have some renting material  +info


  • Extra led  10€ per day / 5€ half day.

  • Extra flash Bowens 10€ per day / 5€ half day.

  • Extra flash Profoto 15€ per day / 10€ half day.

  • Camera, sound and others +info


  • Hours are counted from the beginning of the make-up session until the material is collected at the end of the sessions.

  • Leaving the studio in the condition it was found in.

  • Use the provided plastic slippers to keep the floor as clean as possible.

  • We assume that users know how to use the material, if not we have an assistant who can help you with flashes or lighting +info.

  • Keep medium volume.

  • Cancellations within 48h notice will be charged 50% of the price.


  • On Monday a 10% discount will be made.

  • From 3 days (ask for a quote).

  • Packs on set 2&3.

If there is no availability check Studio 1 or contact us, we will try to relocate you depending on your needs 



Horarios a tiempo real / si no hay disponibilidad consulta los otros platós o consúltanos.

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